esmaspäev, 8. aprill 2013

How I Stay Productive

OK, in this article I will briefly touch upon a very important topic - increasing workplace productivity.

Being productive is easy, but you have to follow a few basic rules:

1) Don't study or work without any breaks - I remember how I bragged in school about studying 7 hours straight, but in the end I have not performed really well at the test.
Taking short-breaks breaks (let's say, 5-15 minutes per every hour) is crucial.
2) Get rid of all distractions - forget about social media, reading news or watching funny memes. Don't fall to the temptations.
3) When you wake up, tell yourself that today will be a good day. For many people the main reason to get up for work is the fear of punishment - that is not really motivating, is it?
4) Watch this video:

If that won't motivate you, then I really don't know what will :)

Have a nice day!